Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pre-Trip Thoughts

As Anna and I get ready to leave in August, we have been spending a lot of time working to get all of our ducks in a row. We've been working on fundraising for the school, gathering supplies, and coming up with a game plan for when we arrive in Asikuma. However, on top of all this we are both working multiple jobs this summer and trying to spend time with our family and friends that we are going to be saying goodbye to in less than two months.

As a result, I often times don't know how to respond when people ask me if I'm excited. The straightforward, easy answer is "yes, of course!" However, when it all boils down the answer isn't quite so simple. Some days I'm excited, but other days I'm overwhelmed, anxious, or I barely even think about the upcoming move. At this point in time, it hardly seems real that in two months I'll be living in Ghana.

But luckily for me, I have an incredible support system that has been with me every step of the way. From making the decision to fundraising to preparing for the move to listening to me, I couldn't ask for better family and friends. They have listened to me panic and helped calm my nerves. They have listened to me gush about this experience and never once told me to stop talking. They have bought t-shirts and donated financially. They have given advice. They are the best and I know Anna feels the same way! We are truly blessed.

This is only the beginning. Anna and I will continue to have our ups and downs, but I know that both of us are anxiously looking forward to this experience. I couldn't ask to have a better friend or educator taking this risk with me. All we ask is for your continued love and support. Follow our journey. Support the school financially. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you!

Please continue following our journey at or email to get more information as to how you can support us!


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